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Sculptor Frederick Hart and the Episcopal National Cathedral in Washington, DC, sued Warner Brothers over a statue that appears in the film and closely resembles Hart's "Ex Nihilo", which is situated above the entrance to the cathedral. Alast-minute deal was negotiated to allow the film to be distributed on video.

The boxing match that Lomax and Milton attend was not a staged bout, but in fact a legitimate world championship boxing match. The bout occurred on October 4, 1996, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Roy Jones, Jr., IBFsuper-middleweight champion, squared off against top contender Bryant Brannon. Jones knocked out Brannon during thesecond round of the bout.

Lomax and Milton run into Don King at the bout. King was in attendance that night because one of the fighters he promoted at the time, Oba Carr, fought on the undercard of Jones-Brannon. Carr lost a 12-round decision to WBA welterweight champion Ike Quartey.